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The Freshest Coffee, Delivered

Coffee starts losing its flavor 2–4 weeks after roasting. Enjoy coffee that’s fresh-roasted and shipped swiftly, for maximum flavor.

Highest Sustainability Standards

Most of the world's coffee is grown on deforested land. Our rainforest-safe, shade-grown coffee is always organic and Bird Friendly® certified.

Curated Shade-Grown Taste

Experience the top-shelf quality of our carefully curated, shade-grown coffee. Taste the results of rigorous farming practices.

Fresh-roasted and shipped swiftly.

Sol Bird Coffee is roasted in small batches and delivered quickly to your doorstep, so you can experience coffee at its peak flavor and freshness.

With the same commitment to excellence, we hold our products to the highest environmental standards.

Discover how fresh and multifaceted your coffee ritual can be, from bean to cup.

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Your purchase protects our planet & wildlife.

The majority of today’s coffee farming clears forests. Sol Bird doesn’t – and that's because we only source coffee that's Bird Friendly® certified, using the most rigorous, shade-grown standards in the industry.

Every Sol Bird bean is grown on a USDA Organic certified farm with a diverse and native tree canopy above the farm’s coffee crop. This means the rainforest and its wildlife are protected, migratory bird habitats are preserved, and ecosystems aren't harmed by pesticides.

Furthermore, our coffee is always ethically traded, so your purchase empowers farmers.

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